Marriage Legalities

Posted on June 4, 2020 by QWA

Getting married in New Zealand is so easy! Your celebrant can marry you at any time, on any day of the week, as long as the appropriate paperwork has been completed.

The process is the same for everyone, whether you are already in New Zealand or coming from overseas.

Marriage licence NZ

Are you eligible to get married in New Zealand?

Anyone can marry in New Zealand, as long as you’re not:

* Already married or in a civil union, unless you are changing your relationship with the same person

*Under 16 – and if you are 16 or 17, you’ll need approval from the family court in order to get married

*Closely related by birth, marriage or adoption

The full list of people you cannot marry can be found online

Both same sex and different sex marriages are legal in New Zealand.

Marriage Licence NZ

Choosing how you’d like to legalise your marriage

You will need to choose a New Zealand Registered Marriage Celebrant to officiate your marriage, and a location for your wedding to take place.

Think about:* When you want to get married, and where (you can legally get married at any location, however it is your responsibility to seek appropriate permissions) Notice of Intended Marriage/Marriage licence

You must complete a Notice of Intended Marriage online, including a statutory declaration that the details provided are true and there is no lawful impediment to the marriage.

You’ll have to arrange your marriage licence no less than 3 working days and no more than 3 months before you want to get married. Many celebrants recommend applying for your marriage licence a month or two before your wedding day.

When applying for your marriage licence you will need to provide your celebrant’s name, your wedding location, and an approximate date of your wedding.

You will also be asked if you require a certificate to be sent to you after the ceremony – this certificate will be your official proof that your marriage has taken place and is registered in

New Zealand. We recommend you pre-order your certificate when applying for your licence, but you can choose to order it at any time after your wedding if this is your preference.

The fee for a marriage licence in New Zealand is $150, a certificate $33 + optional courier fee (as at May, 2020).

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